What has to be added to the System?

The basic guidelines:

Peat moss (standard, garden variety) should be added regularily to the system. We recommend 1/4 cup of peat moss per person per day (i.e., add 1 cup of peat moss if 4 people are using the system). Additionally , you can substitute other items for peat moss. Read more here.

Microbe Accelerator should be added once every 2 weeks.

A new Premix Starter Kit should be added seasonally.

Seasonal Accessories
Seasonal Accessories

Seasonal accessories are recommended for your Envirolet® Composting Toilet System for proper performance.

Envirolet® Use & Care
Envirolet® Use & Care

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This information has been moved to the online Envirolet® Owner's Manual. Please visit this site for complete information about Envirolet® installation, use & care, operation, specifications, safety, troubleshooting, etc.

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