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Winter Kit (50')

The Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ Winter Kit (50') allows you to continue using your system throughout the winter months.

• Ideal for cold weather or winter use.
• Protects drain line from freezing.
• Control switch turns on for winter use and off for summer use.

This kit allows you to protect, heat and insulate up to 50' of the 1.5" toilet to vacuum generator drain line. The 1.5" drain line with heat cable attached to it is installed inside the heat line insulation tube. The composting unit portion of the system and vacuum generator should be kept in a well-insulated and heated structure protected from the elements.

Does it have to be buried?
No it does not. Our winter kit uses a closed-cell, self-sealing polyethylene insulation sleeve.

50' Kit Includes:
1. 50' Heat Cable
2. 50' Foam Insulating Tube
3. 50' Aluminum Insulation

Learn more about winter use.

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Envirolet FlushSmart VF Winter Kit (50ft)

FlushSmart™ VF™FlushSmart™ VF™Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ is a fusion of proven sanitation technologies that when combined is the most modern composting toilet available that can can be installed almost anywhere.

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