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The Envirolet™ Composting Toilet has been selected as the waste management solution by NASA Johnson Space Center for a lifestyle chamber used for astronaut training.

The Envirolet™ is being used in NASA’s latest psychological experiment with astronauts in Houston, Texas. A team of six astronauts will be put to the test in the Lifestyle Chamber designed to evaluate the group’s dynamics. The astronauts will spend one week in the chamber where they will have no contact with anyone except each other and NASA psychologists. They will be subject to stress tests in an isolated area, with very little to do. They will have no hot water, experience power outages and other engineered stress inducers. We wish the group the best success and hope the Envirolet™ makes their time spent a little more comfortable.

Why not add a splash of green (or raspberry, or blue, or sandstone, or...) to your bathroom this summer!

Sancor™ has just introduced a new Waterless Toilet for the Envirolet™ Waterless Remote System. Customers have already begun receiving the new Waterless Toilet and it has received excellent reviews. The bathroom toilet features a built in visual guard which eliminates the manual trap. A bowl removes from the toilet to make cleaning easier than ever. The toilet is easier to install, and is more durable with its new HDPE, high gloss design. Click here to see the many color choices available, including granite!

June 1, 1999 (via email)
Wow. I’m so impressed with your service. I hope my friends do follow our lead. They are looking for a system that will serve their vacation cabin, just as ours has done over the years. Thanks!
J. Caruth

March 17, 1999 (via email)
Envirolet™ Multi System 10 received March 16, 1999 in proper order and condition. I am impressed with the promptness of your service and the quality of the merchandise. Thank you.
J. Hiller

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- Field & Stream magazine, "Dream Cabin Series", May 1999

“Setting up a sewage or septic system is difficult out in the boonies, but self contained toilets that dispose of waste by chemical neutralization, incineration, or composting are effective alternatives. Chemical toilets familiar to outdoorsmen and campers require more maintenance, so they are not the best option for a permanent installation. Incinerating toilets literally burn waste to ashes, but many operate on 240-volt electrical current. Composting toilets convert solid and liquid waste into inert biodegradable material. Some models flush with as little as one pint of water. They may include fans and heat elements that speed the process. Collection boxes can be within the toilet or located away from it in a separate chamber, and the compost is removed periodically, as infrequently as once a year, depending on how much use the unit gets. Because a water-flush unit could freeze in the winter when our cabin is not being regularly used, we installed an Envirolet™ Waterless Remote (Non-Electric) composting toilet. This unit includes a [HDPE] commode in the bathroom, with a large-capacity “remote” collection chamber positioned beneath the cabin floor. Access to the cleanout tray is from the outside. The base price for this model is $1500. Accessories such as a twin-fan ventilator, heat elements that operate on DC (battery) or generator alternating current power, and an optional solar-power kit, are available."

Click here to read the full article on the Field & Stream website.

Envirolet™ has been manufactured since 1977 and has been put to use in a myriad of applications; homes, cottages, cabins, workshops, barns, golf courses, camps, cemeteries, guard houses, resorts, churches, airplane hangers, bridges, ski hills, parks, sky cranes, etc. For more application info, please click here.

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