Standards, Requlations & Certifications

Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems by Sancor meet, comply or exceed any and all Standards required for composting toilet systems in both Canada and the United States. Envirolet® is certified, accepted or recognized by the applicable government and regulatory bodies.

Envirolet® Composting Toilets Systems are manufactured by Sancor Industries Ltd.

Certified by CSA® to meet National Sanitation (NSF®) Standard-41, Canada & USA.

CSA® ANSI/NSF-41 1998
Certified by CSA® to meet National Sanitation (NSF®) Standard ANSI/NSF-41, Canada & USA.

CSA® Electrical, USA
Certified by CSA® to meet UL® Standard 499 for Electrical Safety, USA.

CSA® Electrical, Canada
Certified by CSA® to meet CSA Standards for Electrical Safety, Canada.

CSA® Plumbing, USA
Certified by CSA® to meet CSA® Standards for Plumbing Safety, USA.

U.S. Coast Guard
Certified for use on non-inspected marine vessels.

Envirolet has been independently evaluated and tested by CSA and complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.2-2008.

Commitment to Quality, Certificate
Industry, Trade and Technology

Questions about our Certifications?
Please contact us at 416-299-4818 if you have any questions about our certifications.

More about Standards & Certifications
As a North American manufacturer we selected the Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) to certify our products to the applicable wastewater technology, plumbing (safety) and electrical (safety) standards required for composting toilet systems. We chose CSA® because of their reputation in the United States, Canada and around the world.

CSA®, as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), is able to test to various certifications created by themselves or by other certification organizations.

More about the Canadian Standards Association (CSA®)
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) and CSA® International are professional bodies, internationally recognized for testing products in Canada, the United States and around the world. CSA® is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). The CSA® mark appears on over one billion products worldwide.

Does CSA® test to the standards of other organizations?
Yes. CSA® tests to many Canadian, American and international standards, including standards written or administered by CSA, ANSI, NSF, IEC, UL and more. The CSA® mark is accepted across the United States by federal, state and local authorities.

Read more about CSA® testing to other standards.

For more information about CSA® please visit or call 1-866-797-4272.

Some companies claim that only NSF can test to an NSF standard. Is this true?
No, it is not true. Any company that tells you or advertises this is incorrect and/or misleading you. Envirolet® Systems were tested and are certified to NSF standards by CSA®. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact us or CSA.

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