Space Age Enviro-House

A Canadian Envirolet® user emailed us February 7, 2005 with some excellent pictures of his installation. He has the popular Envirolet® DC12 (12v Battery) model with a 50W Solar Panel to keep the 12v battery charged. Additionally, the optional Envirolet® Turbo Fan is installed in the vent line.

"Thanks for your good service and excellent product," he wrote!

This system was installed in a modern out-building for winter use. This "outhouse" puts the traditional outhouse to shame! It's cool looking, clean, spacious and has windows! Not to mention it has an advanced, environment-friendly, 12v Envirolet® Composting Toilet System in it! He called it the Space Age Outhouse, but we're calling it the Space Age Enviro-House because using an Envirolet® is nothing like using an outhouse!

You can do the same or, like most do, put the system in the cottage or home!

Hopefully they'll out up some blinds on the windows! Although, it looks like the trees will provide privacy!

What a great spot!

You can see the Wind Turbine and Solar Panel on top.

Nice windows! And that door looks like it locks!

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