Home & Cottage Solar Kits

We now offer solar kits for your home or cottage application.

These kits are customizable and range from about $5000 for a weekend cottage power system to $25,000 or more for a complete cottage power system.

A weekend kit will give you about 6000 watt-hours per weekend and a complete system will give you up to 50 kWh per week!

We can also offer full renewable power systems that use solar and wind.

What a system involves:

Wind Turbine
The ideal wind power location is one that receives wind speeds in excess of 14 km/h on average. Wind Turbines need to be located in areas where the prevailing wind in unobstructed. On top of a free-standing tower is best mounting location. Wind turbines range for homes and cottages range in size and capacity from 400W up to 10kW.

Battery Bank
Batteries should be located in a dry, ventilated area, away from living areas. Flooded batteries offer longer life. Sealed batteries require no maintenance.

Solar Array
Solar modules should be mounted facing south, on a 60-75:deg; tilt from horizontal. The amount of power generated depends directly on the amount of sunlight they receive. Therefore, they produce more power in summer months than in winter months or on a sunny day versus a cloudy day. Modules can be mounted on a roof, on top of a pole or on the ground.

Inverter System
Modified sine inverters can be used for basic lights, power tools and more. Sensitive electronics and/or grid-tie systems require a pure sine output from the inverter.

Backup Gernator
The inverter system can send an automatic start signal to a backup generator when the battery voltage gets too low. A stop signal will be sent when the batteries are charged.

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