The Science & Technology Behind Envirolet®

Envirolet® dispels the myth that all composting toilet systems are "created equal." Only Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems are designed and engineered around our unique, patented, Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ and evaporation process.

Automatic Six-Way Aeration Two Fans for Better Air Flow
Only Envirolet® features two fans (others have only one) and an Aeration Basket.

These dual fans, operating in conjunction with natural microbe action, continuously circulate a large volume of air at a high flow rate around a specially shaped Aeration Basket. The Aeration Basket lines the inside of the system and maximizes waste surface area for better efficiency.

Think Small
Our breakthrough technology dramatically improves both waste reduction and recycling by increasing aeration, evaporation and microbe activity. This patented design allows for significant reduction of the System size, while still maximizing System performance.

This superior System makes operation both convenient and simple, and eliminates the tiresome turning of waste required by some "manual drum" toilets.

Independent laboratory tests have proven that Envirolet®, with patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration™, provides over 100% more efficiency than others.

Clean, Sanitary and Odor-Free!
There are no bathroom odors. Our toilet systems feature an easy to clean, sanitary bowl design and trap that easily opens and closes for use. Click here to see the Bowl Trap in action! Waterless systems even have a removable bowl for easier cleaning.

Aeration Basket Operation is Easy
When you install your Envirolet®, you add aerobic microbes using the included Premix Starter Kit and Compost Accelerator (microbes) and periodically, a small amount of garden peat moss. Optionally, you may add additional natural aerobic microbes to provide maximum performance.

Occasionally, the Aerator Bar (with mulcherator) is used to improve composting. Single ply or bio-degradable toilet paper is recommended.

More Than Meets the Eye
Some composting toilets are basically hollow shells. Envirolet® is different. Envirolet® is truly a composting toilet system.

Combine the most advanced composting toilet system available with the longest warranty in the industry and the choice is simple.

Learn about some of the main features of Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems. Place mouse over numbers to activate the interactive features.

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1 Switch
- Controls Fans + Heater (AC models) or Fans (DC models). Operate in Normal or Energy Mode.
2 Easy-to-Access Electrical Components - Important electrical components are located away from waste and are easy-to-access.
3 Trap Handle - Used to open the specially-designed Trap. Designed to be "manual" vs. pressure activated to allow males to use easily.
4 Trap - Special visual guard. Designed to be "manual" vs. pressure activated to allow males to use easily.
5 Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ - Speeds up the composting process.
6 Aerator Bar - Aerate and agitate for better efficeincy. Use every few days.
7 Rake Bar - Used for periodic emptying.
8 Bottom Panel - Sealed bottom panel is removed for emptying.


Note: part colors are for display purposes only.
More Than Meets the Eye

Easy-to-Access Electrical Parts
Envirolet® advanced composting toilet systems are designed so that all electrical components (DC and AC models) are located in an easy-to-access Works-in-a-Drawer™ (or WID Box) electrical box. In an Envirolet® AC model this includes 2 fans, a heater and 2 thermostats. DC models have 2 fans.

The WID Box simply pulls out of the top of the composting unit. It is located away from waste material at the top of the system. This is convenient, safe and just makes sense. Especially in remote-type units that are located outside on potentially moist or wet ground. Compare to others where the heater is located in the bottom of composting unit.

This unique feature also makes all Envirolet® Systems power-convertible. You can simply insert the WID Box for the power you want or remove it to have a Non-Electric system.

Quality Envirolet® Components
Quality Envirolet® Components

Starter Kits, Envirolet® Compost Accelerator, Fans, Couplings, Vent Pipe, Drain Pipe, Filter Kits, and more...

Bowl Trap in Action!
Bowl Trap in Action!

Animation of the Envirolet® unique bowl trap design!

The New Mulcherator Cutting Blades
The New Mulcherator Cutting Blades

Re-designed to provide even better cutting action for better aeration.


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