Envirolet® List of Reviews
(as of July 29, 2009)

This is a list of Envirolet® Composting Toilet testimonials & reviews on Envirolet® Buzz as of July 28, 2009. The links will take you to a new page. Envirolet® Buzz will have the most up-to-date reviews.

  1. Envirolet Reviews: MS10 in Ontario
  2. Envirolet Reviews: New Jersey Yoga Studio
  3. Envirolet Low Water in Ontario
  4. Envirolet MS10 in Colorado
  5. Envirolet MS10 in New Hampshire: "We love the system."
  6. Envirolet Low Water Remote in Ontario
  7. Envirolet Waterless Remote in PA
  8. Envirolet at Gaining Ground in Massachusetts
  9. Envirolet MS10 in Michigan Replace Bucket "System"
  10. Envirolet in Oregon Shop
  11. "Life at the cabin has finally become civilized."
  12. Envirolet Low Water in Massachusetts: "It's working great!"
  13. Envirolet in NY: "Cabin living has never been better."
  14. Envirolet Low Water Remote in Wisconsin
  15. Envirolet DC12 in Nova Scotia
  16. Envirolet in Southern California Basement
  17. Hundreds of Envirolet Testimonials
  18. Envirolet WRS in Florida Guest House
  19. Envirolet DC12 in Colorado
  20. Envirolet in Beautiful Pennsylvania Home
  21. Envirolet Waterless Remote in PA
  22. Cowboy Envirolet!
  23. Envirolet MS10 in Wisconsin
  24. Envirolet MS10 in Nova Scotia
  25. Envirolet Provides Sanitation for Utah Yurt
  26. Envirolet FlushSmart VF System in Ontario
  27. Envirolet Basic Plus in Wyoming
  28. Hawaiian Envirolet Waterless Remote System
  29. Cabin Owners in Wisconsin Add 2nd Envirolet
  30. Northern Wisconsin Hunting Camp with Envirolet MS10
  31. Envirolet MS10 customers in Missouri are "spreading the word" for us!
  32. Envirolet Waterless Remote in NY
  33. 8 Year Old Envirolet Waterless Remote in Michigan
  34. 11 Year Old Envirolet in Wisconsin
  35. Envirolet Basic Plus Barn Installation
  36. Envirolet Basic Plus in NY
  37. New Hampshire "Outhouse" Fitted with Envirolet
  38. With Envirolet: "The camp is getting a lot more use..."
  39. Envirolet DC12: "We love it!"
  40. Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) in Wisconsin
  41. "I love it!!!! This is my second Envirolet toilet."
  42. Pre-Loved Envirolet Was Selling Feature at Ontario Cottage
  43. Envirolet MS10 in Wyoming Bunkhouse
  44. Foster in Nova Scotia: "The toilet works GREAT!"
  45. Harold In Texas: "Amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10"
  46. Envirolet MS10 in Quebec Boathouse
  47. In Washington: "Everyone really likes the comfort and convenience of the Envirolet"
  48. Envirolet FlushSmart VF System Installation Update, Part 2
  49. Envirolet Basic Plus in Colorado
  50. 8 Year Old Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Ontario
  51. Envirolet WRS in 145 Year Old New Brunswick Farmhouse
  52. "This is twice that I have been more than satisfied with your service."
  53. "I am amazed at the odorless results," says Ricardo in Hawaii
  54. Envirolet FlushSmart VF System Installation Update, Part 1
  55. Envirolet in Cape Cod Beach House
  56. "The Envirolet is a dream at the cottage," says Ron in Ontario
  57. Envirolet is a Holy Convenience in the UK
  58. Envirolet in Antarctic at E-Base 2041
  59. Envirolet Basic Plus in New Brunswick
  60. Envirolet Waterless Self-Contained in Texas
  61. Envirolet Waterless Remote in Ontario
  62. Lucky Envirolet Spends its Time in Hawaii
  63. "We love our Envirolet" Says Missouri Customer
  64. Envirolet Doing the Job in Garage Apartment
  65. Envirolet Provides 15 Years of Service
  66. Airplane Hangar Installation
  67. Envirolet in Colorado "Outhouse"
  68. Envirolet Allows for "Dream Cabin" in South Carolina
  69. Envirolet in Washington: "We love it."
  70. Envirolet in Washington "has worked out terrifically."
  71. "Many thanks for producing such a good product"
  72. Envirolet MS10 in Virginia Cabin
  73. "The Martha's Vineyard Killer" & Her Envirolet Low Water Remote
  74. "Our neighbor saw ours and went and got one for their place too."
  75. "Love our Waterless Remote"
  76. Envirolet in New Brunswick Cottage
  77. Envirolet in Vermont: "Thanks for a great product that serves an important need!"
  78. Envirolet in BC: "We are very satisfied."
  79. Envirolet in Virginia: "making 'roughing it' so much easier."
  80. Envirolet MS10 in Sweden
  81. In-the-Field Photos: Emptying an Envirolet
  82. Envirolet Replaces Outhouse at 9200 Feet!
  83. Envirolet in Garage Loft has "provided the solution."
  84. Envirolet in Wisconsin: "The Greatest Toilet"
  85. Envirolet Provides 16+ Years of Reliability
  86. Envirolet MS10 in BC: "What a HUGE difference this made."
  87. Envirolet is NS is helping couple to "take advantage of our little piece of paradise!"
  88. Envirolet in Wisconsin: "Exceeded our Expectations"
  89. Envirolet in Muskoka (Ontario): "It's my favourite room in the place!"
  90. Envirolet WRS in Ontario: "Works like a charm."
  91. Envirolet in Colorado: "Thank you for a great lifestyle product!"
  92. Envirolet WRS in NY: "I can only say that we love it."
  93. Envirolet Basic Plus in Ohio: "Thank you for an outstanding product."
  94. Envirolet MS10 in Saskatchewan Cottage
  95. Envirolet MS10 in Ontario
  96. Envirolet in New York Working Great
  97. Envirolet in Airplane Hangar - "The perfect answer."
  98. Envirolet in Hawaii: "We like it so much we hope it will become a long term toilet solution for our eco-village!"
  99. "Your toilet proved to be the best."
  100. "It has worked perfectly since the moment we installed it."
  101. Envirolet in Massachusetts: "Thank you for a wonderful product."
  102. Envirolet in NC: "Thank you for your good design and proven performance."
  103. "Thank you and the staff for the prompt delivery, it was excellent service."
  104. Envirolet DC12 Helps Couple Live a Sustainable Life in Wisconsin
  105. Envirolet in Manitoba - "Worked great all last summer and emptying it was a breeze."
  106. "I have strongly recommended this Composting Toilet to many friends at our lake."
  107. "Professionalism and a positive solving."
  108. Envirolet MS10 in Pennsylvania Church
  109. "We love our unit." - Envirolet in Wisconsin
  110. Envirolet in Roman Bath House in UK, Part 2
  111. Envirolet in Roman Bath House in UK, Part 1
  112. "It was a much needed addition to the camp and is working out extremely well."
  113. Envirolet MS10 in New Jersey
  114. "Since April 2005 we have owned the 110 Waterless Remote and couldn't be happier."
  115. "I did a lot of homework before I purchased and Envirolet was the best value and quality."
  116. 8 Year Old Envirolet at BC Cottage
  117. "Will recommend them to my friends."
  118. "This is our 5th season with the system and we couldn't be any happier with it."
  119. "Last year, we installed our third Envirolet toilet at our cottage."
  120. Selected Envirolet Over the Competitors; Happy with Decision
  121. No More Trips to the Outhouse
  122. Envirolet in Converted Barn in PA
  123. Envirolet Working Great in BC
  124. 48 Years of Outhouse Trips Now Over!
  125. Happy Buyers at Cottage Life Show
  126. Envirolet Basic Plus in Kentucky Outhouse
  127. Envirolet Obvious Choice vs. $12,000 Septic System
  128. Envirolet User Helping to Spread the Buzz
  129. Supersonic Loo
  130. Envirolet Saving Water in Oregon
  131. Envirolet Operates Odor-Free in Minnesota
  132. Envirolet in Nova Scotia Cabin
  133. Envirolet Provides Green Sanitation Solution for Church
  134. Cindy Loves Both of Her Envirolet Systems
  135. We Try Hard!
  136. Escape Artist Loves His Envirolet
  137. Envirolet is "easy to empty and keeps any contaminants from entering any water supply."
  138. "The design and mechanical workings of your system surpass others that we considered."
  139. Happy BC Customer with 7 Year Old Low Water System
  140. Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) in Michigan
  141. Bayfield Builders Outhouse Update
  142. Envirolet the Tundra Toilet in Alaska
  143. Envirolet MS10 installation in Minnesota
  144. Envirolet Waterless Remote in Kingston, Ontario
  145. "I am very satisfied with its operation."
  146. "We are very pleased with the MS10."
  147. "We have loved our system for over 10 years now."
  148. "Your composting system saved the day."
  149. Envirolet DC12 in use for Maryland Trail Club
  150. "We have been EXTREMELY pleased with our Envirolet system!"
  151. 10 Year Old Envirolet Waterless Remote in Maine
  152. "Way Too Easy."
  153. Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Ontario
  154. " I never thought that I would be bragging about a toilet!"
  155. "I was very impressed with your friendly manner..."
  156. "...takes up less space than one would imagine."
  157. "I really like the convenience of having a restroom indoors..."
  158. "THANK YOU SANCOR for saving me thousands of $$$$$$$!"
  159. Envirolet MS10 in Pennsylvania
  160. "All of our neighbours think it's great and are using us as the guinea pig..."
  161. "This is faster than I have received books."
  162. "We love our Envirolet installation!"
  163. "Loo with a View" in Maine
  164. "I could not be happier with my new toilet."
  165. Envirolet Basic Plus in Garage
  166. "We love this toilet and wish we had one in our full time home."
  167. Saved Almost $30,000!
  168. "My wife would not agree to spend the night in our cabin until we had a toilet."
  169. Shoehorn Narrowboat Installation in the UK
  170. "Worked out great."
  171. MS10 in Georgia
  172. Texas Pool House with Envirolet
  173. "We couldn't be happier with it."
  174. "It has replaced our propane toilet and is up and operating FANTASTICALLY!!"
  175. Envirolet Goes Anywhere
  176. "Couldn't be happier with it."
  177. "The Sancor has performed to expectations."
  178. "The Envirolet system works great. There is no odor."
  179. "I love it for lots of reasons!"
  180. "My Envirolet ROCKS"
  181. "Love this compost toilet! Best thing since sliced bread."
  182. "WOW!!!! Thanks!"
  183. "Thanks for an awesome product!"
  184. "The Envirolet was a great solution."
  185. Envirolet with a gazebo on top!
  186. "The toilet has done great in spite of the cold winter temperatures."
  187. "Sure beats the sometimes cold and wet trips to the old outside privy"
  188. Short & Sweet Comments
  189. "Overall this merchant was great."
  190. "We love it!!!"
  191. "They are certainly less hassle than any other sort of boat toilet."
  192. "It was all positive, thanks!"
  193. "A very good merchant to deal with."
  194. Speedy & Courteous
  195. "It was one of the selling features that we put a lot of weight on."
  196. "The Envirolet has been easy, effortless, odourless, very low maintenance and best of all has saved $10,000."
  197. "The King" Narrowboat & Envirolet, Part 2
  198. "I will recommend your product to anyone I know who is considering a composting toilet."
  199. Envirolet is Throne on "The King" Narrowboat
  200. "Your system was the perfect solution."
  201. "Boy, am I happy with my composting toilet."
  202. "We can't get over how well the it works & no smell!"
  203. "Thanks again for the great product."
  204. "She was very knowledgeable and provided us with excellent guidance."
  205. Envirolet with the NEWTs in the UK (update)
  206. "We love our new Envirolet toilet."
  207. "It has worked great for 4 seasons!"
  208. Feedback on Amazon.com
  209. "Quality of Construction"
  210. "Customer Focused Service"
  211. "We LOVE our Envirolet."
  212. "Everything went very smoothly."
  213. "The best service ever thanks to Anna."
  214. Awesome Church Toilet
  215. "We love it."
  216. "I am very pleased with the service I recieved and would order from Sancor again."
  217. "I'm impressed. And I haven't even bought one yet."
  218. "...one of my customers was looking at it & now wants to buy one."
  219. "...ten of my neighbors have installed the same system that I have."
  220. More on the Wonderful Composting Outhouse
  221. Wind Protection
  222. "It is a great product."
  223. Envirolet Waterless Remote System in "Composting Outhouse"
  224. "A pleasure to do business with."
  225. "More use out of our trailer."
  226. "Excellent in all resepcts."
  227. "Wow. What service."
  228. The Space Age Enviro-House
  229. "Good product at a good price."
  230. "Now our horse trailer is complete - sometimes you need an Envirolet!"
  231. "We're telling all of our friends that Envirolet makes the best composting toilets."
  232. Envirolet installed in a converted school bus
  233. "Ordering was easy..."
  234. "Exceptionally quick service without any errors."
  235. "We love our new composting toilet!"
  236. To the UK in Only 7 Days!
  237. A Great Way To Order
  238. Great Workmanship in Envirolet Basic Plus
  239. Envirolet in English Countryside
  240. 10 Year Old Envirolet MS10
  241. Envirolet: Working Like A Charm
  242. Envirolet: Exactly As Advertised
  243. OWL Rafting
  244. Nine Mile Basic School in Jamaica Part 2
  245. Another Happy MS10 Customer
  246. Comfort FreeSpin Lawn Mower
  247. "The Rabbit"
  248. Nine Mile Basic School
  249. Wonderful Idea
  250. Toolgirl Discovers the Miracle of Composting Toilets
  251. From Outhouse To Tool Shed
  252. Nice Cabin Pictures
  253. Space Age Enviro-House

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