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July 17, 2000

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing you to express my gratitude for the courteous and professional service I received in purchasing an Envirolet composting toilet from your company. Specifically I want to commend Jennifer of your sales staff for her unlimited patience in dealing with me while I was deciding which product to buy. I must have made a dozen calls to your company to discuss your product and each time I had the good fortune to talk to Jennifer. She was friendly and knowledgeable and ansered every one of my questions to my satisfaction.

I do not normally write letters such as this, but Jennifer provided such extraordinary service that I would be remiss if I did not inform you of it. I wish I had an employee like her in my company, but she has refused to move to North Carolina.

Because of her, I will always have a favorable impression of Sancor. Please pass alogn my compliments and personal thanks to Jennifer.

B. Hinson

June 1, 1999

Wow. I'm so impressed with your service. I hope my friends do follow our lead. They are looking for a system that will serve their vacation cabin, just as ours has done over the years.

R. Caruth

April 23, 1999

Dear Sancor,

Subject: Multi System (110v electric)
I recently purchased a ski chalet in Northern Ontario which had one of you 110 volt self contain multi system in place. At first, I was a little apprehensive about letting anyone use the unit too much because I had never seen such a system and I was skeptical on how good it actually worked. We have now been using the system for about 6 months and it has operated well beyond my expectations in regards to how little work it actually is to maintain it and we can't get over the fact that there is actually no unpleasant smell emitted at all. I have actually ordered two more identical units and plan on using them as replacement for portable toilets on some of our construction sites where we had to deal with a septic truck coming in once a week and cleaning these units at an average cost of $75.00 each week. I have told my employee's who are using these units that everything will come up smelling rosy as long as you follow the instructions for the on going maintenance. I have also printed a small users guide and laminated for their review, just so the maintenance is carried out properly. We are planning to add more of your units to some of sites as the need arises. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all your support in setting up this environmentally friendly system.

B. Alarie

March 17, 1999

Envirolet Multi System 10 received March 16, 1999 in proper order and condition. I am impressed with the promptness of your service and the quality of the merchandise. Thank you.

J. Hiller

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