The next step is to decide whether you want an Envirolet® Self-Contained System or a Envirolet® Remote System.

Self-Contained Systems are Waterless "all-in-one" units that can go practically anywhere. The dimensions are 25" Wide x 33" Deep x 25" Height (or 19 3/4" Height to the toilet seat.

Remote Systems are available in both Waterless and Low Water models. In Remote Systems, the composting unit (or tank) is located below (e.g., basement, crawl space, etc.) the Waterless or Low Water Toilet, which is located in the bathroom. The dimensions of the Remote Composting units are 25" Width x 33" Length x 28.5" Height. The Waterless and Low Water Toilet are very close to the size of a "regular" flush toilet.

Self-Contained SystemSelf-Contained SystemEnvirolet® Self-Contained Systems are "all-in-one" units that are Waterless. They can go almost anywhere. Ideal for applications that are on cement slabs or in a basement. Popular applications for Self-Contained Systems include cottages, cabins, barns, workshops, RV's, boats and homes. Choose this if you cannot fit a Remote System below the bathroom.
Your Use: 1-4 people vacation use/1-2 people full-time use

Remote SystemRemote SystemEnvirolet® Remote Systems are available in Waterless or Low Water models. In these Systems, the composting unit and toilet are seperate. Waterless Remote Systems are gravity fed and require ideally 33" of space below. Low Water Systems can be "off-center," as long as a standard plumbing drop of 1/4" per horizontal foot.
Your Use: 1-6 people vacation use/1-4 people full-time use

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