No Electricity

Now you must choose whether you would like a Non-Electric or 12VDC Battery system. 12v Battery systems have the option of attaching a Solar Kit to them to keep your battery continuously charged.

Non-ElectricNon-ElectricEnvirolet® Non-Electric systems have a 4" Wind Turbine to help increase evaporation from the system. Envirolet® is the only brand that offers this.
Your Use: 1-6 people vacation use/1-4 people full-time use

12VDC Battery12VDC BatteryIf 110v Electric is not an option, then a 12VDC Battery system is the next best choice. These systems feature dual 12v Fans and a 4" Wind Turbine. Solar available optionally.
Your Use: 1-8 people per day vacation use/1-6 people per day full-time use

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