Customer Testimonial
Mr. & Mrs. C., Ontario (Jun. 22, 1993)

June 22, 1993

"In April 1992 we installed your toilet system for our cottage. The whole process was completed in less than a day. Enclosed are some pictures we took as it was being installed. We are very happy to say that one year later we are very pleased with the efficiency and low maintenance of this system.

We use to have two 1000 gallon holding tanks which had to be pumped out regularly. On top of which there was a constant "outhouse" stench. In the Prince Edward County guidelines proposing a minimum of one 2000 gallon holding tank, to be above ground for inspection purposes. Purchasing your toilet system has been convenient and will save us money in the long run; plus odours emanating from the system have been minimal.

This spring we were really glad we [had] this toilet system. The water level in Lake Ontario is at it’s highest since the 1950’s which affected the lake we are on, as well as ground water levels. This in turn has adversely affected our holding tanks as well as some of our neighbors. We have discovered that the seals at the top of our holding tanks need to be replaced, as ground water has poured in over the top and filled them. Others have had to pump out their holding tanks more frequently as ground water continually pours in over the top. In other cases that we heard of, the pressure of the ground water has pushed up empty holding tanks from under ground up onto lawns. If it wasn’t for the Envirolet system, we would have been unable to use our cottage for quite some time and would have incurred considerable unexpected expenses.

Needless to say, we would recommend this type of toilet system over septic beds or holding tanks. We look forward to many years of trouble free and low maintenance usage."

Mr. & Mrs. C., Ontario

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