Customer Testimonial
Mr. B., New Hampshire (Jun. 24, 1997)

June 24, 1997

"When I recently ordered the Sancor toilet, I also ordered 10 extra feet of 3 inch exhaust product and later ordered 2 (45 degree) couplings to complete my installation. I did not need the 10 extra feet of exhaust nor did I need 4 couplings since I used the 45’s. Therefore, I am respectfully requesting a refund for the above noted and enclosed items.

As a side note, I would like to mention how pleased I was with the ease of installing and starting up the toilet. If the toilet works half as well as it was to install it, you will have another satisfied customer. I would also like to commend your customer service department. Both times I called for assistance, they were not only polite and helpful but were very quick to respond to my needs. There are not many companies around who respond as quickly as your company to a customer’s needs once the customer has paid for the merchandise.

Thank you for your attention to my request for a refund as well as your outstanding service."

Mr. B., NH

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