Is everything needed for installation
included with my new Envirolet®?

Everything is included with Envirolet® systems except 4" rigid pipe to complete the vent on Envirolet® Waterless Remote Systems or Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems.

4 feet of 4" Flexible Vent is supplied, but 4" rigid pipe (standard ABS or PVC pipe) must be supplied by the consumer. Additional pipe, couplings or other accessories may be required. Please be sure to look at what is included in the complete system package when ordering.

Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems come complete with everything required for installation, including 10 feet of 3" white designer pipe to complete the vent. Additional vent pipe or couplings may be required for certain installations.

Be sure to ask an Envirolet® customer service rep if you are not sure what you do or do not require.

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