"Bathroom Anywhere" Up-Flush Basement Toilet
$10 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$500 Gift Certificate
120VAC Electric
12v Marine Deep Cycle Battery
12VDC Battery
12VDC Battery
2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Kit
24" Insulation with Aluminum Wrap (for 3" White Vent Pipe)
3" Coupling (white)
3" Flexible Drain (for Low Water Remote Systems)
3" Floor Flange
3" Rubber Union Coupling
3" White Vent Pipe (30" section)
300 Series vs. 700 Series
4" Coupling (ABS)
4" Flex Vent Duct (for Remote Systems)
4" Venting Gear Clamp
4" Wind Turbine Ventilator
45° Elbow (3")
8" Drain Gear Clamp
8" Flexible Drain (for Waterless Remote Systems)
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Are there different colors available?
Ban The Flush! (circa 1977)
Basement/Garage Installation
Basic Plus Top Panel (Non-Electric)
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Biolan Composter 220
Biolan Composting Toilet
Biolan Dry Separating Toilet
Black (Waterless Remote System)
Black Granite (Waterless Remote System)
Black Waterless Toilet
Blue (Waterless Remote System)
Bone (Low Water Toilet)

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