Click to enlargeThe Humanure Handbook
A Guide To Composting Human Manure
by Joseph Jenkins

Humanure: waste or resource? Joseph Jenkins boldly steps where no author has gone before. Considered by many a "moving" book, The Humanure Handbook will surprise you with its timely relevance, delight you with its humor, and impress you with its thorough research. Brillantly simple, profoundly mundane, this is one book you will never forget. Full of "eye candy" illustrations, practical information, history, philosophy, and science, it addresses an issue relevant to each and every human being on the Planet Earth.
(From back cover of The Humanure Handbook.)

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide To Composting Human Manure (2nd Edition - Completely Revised, Expanded & Updated)
Written by Joseph Jenkins

302 Pages, Paperback, 29 Photographs, Over 100 Tables and Figures, Index, Glossary, Appendices
ISBN 0-9644258-9-0

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The Humanure Handbook (3rd Ed.)

Compost Myths: To Turn Or Not To Turn, That Is The QuestionCompost Myths: To Turn Or Not To Turn, That Is The Question"The perceived need to turn compost is one of the myths of composting."

U.S. State Regulations (compiled in 1999)U.S. State Regulations (compiled in 1999)Comprehensive listing of U.S. State Regulations for composting toilets, graywater systems and constructed wetlands.

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