History of Envirolet®
What's in a Name?

Since 1977, numerous advertisment and promotional material designs have been created and used to promote Envirolet® products, brands and trademarks. Our name and history is important to us and we know that it is also important to our customers.

As times have changed, so has Envirolet®. We have gone from Ban The Flush! to The Fish Thank You to the Envirolet™ wave logo found today on envirolet.com®.

But, as you can see, the theme has always remained the same: Envirolet® is the Ecological Toilet System for almost any application.

Some Past Envirolet® Advertisements...
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Ban The Flush! (circa 1977)
Ban The Flush! (circa 1977)

The original Envirolet® attention grabber. The Ban the Flush! slogan was used to educate consumers about Envirolet® waterless toilet systems.

More Than Meets The Eye... (circa 1978)
More Than Meets The Eye... (circa 1978)

Early poster board advertisement for Envirolet®, known as The Ecological Toilet System since the beginning, is one of the first ads ever used to promote Envirolet®.

The Envirolet Wave Logo (2002)
The Envirolet Wave Logo (2002)

The new Envirolet logo in use since early 2002! We hope you like it!

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