Envirolet® Greywater BIOLAN Light
Ideal for lighter summer use!


Introducing the Envirolet® Greywater BIOLAN Light. This system compliments your Envirolet® Composting Toilet System as solution to handle your sink, shower, dishwasher, etc. water.

Compared to the Envirolet® Greywater BIOLAN 125 this system is a lower profile module allowing for installation in structures set closer to the ground.

• Non-insulated filter module for washing water
• 80 Gallons (300L) a day capacity
• Ideal for summer use or installation indoors. Check out 125 and 70 models for winter or cold-weather use.
• To be installed above ground or buried partly in the soil.
• Expandable to suit applications with a pressure water supply
• Ecological filter material

How it works
The operation of the Envirolet® Greywater BIOLAN Light works on the innovative mechanical and biological filtration of wastewater. Organic filter material in the filter catches the particulate in the wastewater. The micro-organisms living on the surface of the filter material use the impurities as their nutrition.

The Envirolet® Greywater BIOLAN Light consists of one filter components, with five filter boxes placed one on top of the other. Wastewater is distributed between the modules by means of the branch sleeve located between the modules. The wastewater enters through the uppermost filter box. Inside the filter, the wastewater flows by gravity from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end of the box. The circulation of air inside the unit is natural: air flows in through the lower air valve in the rear wall and out through the upper valve. The oxygen supply to the micro-organisms is essential for the operation of the unit.

Weight: 78 lbs. (35kg)
Capacity: 80 Gallons (300L) a day

Includes Greywater Filter Material for one year of use.

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