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Frequently Asked Questions about Envirolet®. Look below for answers to the most common questions about Envirolet® Composting Toilets. Click on the question for the answer.

We have tried to organize the FAQ's in relavant categories. Please contact us if you have any questions or ask your question in the box:

About Us & Other General Questions

Who manufactures Envirolet®?
How fast can I expect a reply to an email?
What is your privacy policy?
What is your copyright and trademark policy?
Where can I read customer testimonials?

Does Envirolet® have NSF® approval?
Is Envirolet® CSA® Plumbing approved?
Is Envirolet® CSA® Electrical approved?

Who manufactures Envirolet®?
Is it safe to buy online?
How much do Envirolet® Systems cost?
How much is shipping?
Are prices in US Dollars?
Do you sell used toilet systems?
What types of payment do you accept?
Where can I find parts and accessories?
Do you have stores?
What if I am in Canada?
What if I am in Europe?
Choosing a System

Help Choosing
Are there different colors available?
What is the capacity of the different models?

Can I use bleach to clean my Envirolet®?

Why is a manual bowl trap better than an "automatic" trap?
Why is plastic better than fiberglass?
Where can I find info on the advantages of Envirolet® over other systems?
Composting Toilets

How do composting toilets work?
How do Envirolet® composting toilets work?
How does the evaporation occur?
Can I add pet waste to my composting toilet?
Did your competitors invent composting toilets?
What about gas, burning or incinerating toilets?
120VAC Electric

How much power does a 120VAC Electric model use?
Do 120VAC Electric systems have to be left on all the time?
Can 120VAC models be "hard wired?"
How long is the cord on 120VAC models?
Can I operate an Electric (AC or DC) model as a Non-Electric model?
12VDC Battery

How much power does the 12VDC Battery model use?

How often does Envirolet® need to be emptied?
How do you empty the Envirolet®?

Is everything needed for installation included with my new Envirolet®?
Does the vent have to be vertical?
Can Envirolet® be installed in a basement?
How much room below the bathroom do you need to install an Envirolet® Waterless Remote System?
Does the video provide installation information?
Why is a 3" Union Coupling recommended with Waterless Self-Contained models?
Low Water Systems

Can water be added manually to a Low Water System?

Can you add toilet paper to the System?
What has to be added to the System?
Is peat moss the only additive I can use?
Will I get insects?
Is there odor?
Can grey water be added to Envirolet®?

How long is the warranty for Envirolet®?
Waterless Self-Contained Systems

What is a Self-Contained System?

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