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Introducing EnviroletCare™ by Sancor™. EnviroletCare™ is a new name and new commitment to Envirolet® customer and product support. All Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems include the new and extended EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan.

The warranty has just been extended (as of 02/06/06) on all Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems under the new EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan. This means that the longest warranty in the composting toilet industry just got even longer! Without much room to grow, the Envirolet® system body warranty remains at Lifetime. While the warranty coverage on internal components increases from an already industry leading 4-Years to an even better 5-Years!

EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan
The EnviroletCare™ Protection Plan provides extensive product service and support and is included with all new system purchases.

Product & Customer Support
EnviroletCare™ Dial-Up Support is always only a phone call away. Our toll-free nationwide customer service and product support is the finest in the industry. Just give us a call and an EnviroletCare™ consultant or service technician will assist in any aspect of pre-installation, installation or troubleshooting. If you require parts, your order will be expedited for immediate delivery.

If you prefer to use the web, email support is available 24 hours a day.

Envirolet® Product Protection
The EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan provides a warranty coverage for your Envirolet® Composting Toilet System that is the most comprehensive in the industry, offering many times more protection.

Your assured EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan covers all Envirolet® components*. Protection is divided into two areas, internal components and system body.

5-Year Internal Components Protection
The internal components of your Envirolet® Composting Toilet System, including electrical components, are fully covered for a full 5-Years. Some of the covered components include:

• Fans
• Heater
• Thermostats
• Switches
• Wiring
• Rake
• Aerator
• Aeration Basket
• Mulcherator System
• Manifold Grid System
• & more...

Lifetime System Body Protection
And while you own your Envirolet®, the space-aged polymer body of your system is covered for "Life" under our Lifetime Limited Warranty*.

Compare for Yourself
Compare the protection included with all Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems to any others and you will see that EnviroletCare™ Envirolet® Protection Plan provides for the longest and most comprehensive warranty coverage. EnviroletCare™ also provides excellent customer and product support via toll-free lines or email, not available with most others.

Confidence & Experience
The confidence in the quality of Envirolet® components allows us to offer such long and comprehensive coverage. And our almost 30 years experience in Envirolet® sales and customer service allows us to provide such excellent customer and product support to our customers.

Factory Direct Shipping & Service
We make Envirolet®, ship it to you and provide all customer and product support. This is what makes Envirolet® stand out from the crowd.

* Ask for complete details.

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