Bowl Trap in Action!
Why a Manual Bowl Trap in Better.

Trap in Action Envirolet® Easy-to-Remove Bowl
The large bowl design in Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems ensures the bowl stays clean and sanitary. If necessary, the bowl can be easily removed for cleaning.

A removable bowl is also included with Envirolet® Waterless Toilets (for Envirolet® Waterless Remote Systems).

Envirolet® Bowl Trap
Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems also have a unique Trap feature. Users simply open the trap before use and close when finished! (Waterless Remote Systems do not feature the Bowl Trap.)

Envirolet Bowl

The Envirolet® Trap vs. other 'automatic' traps

Q. What is the advantage of the Envirolet® manual Bowl Trap design over "automatic" traps on some other systems?

A. With "automatic" trap designs it is difficult for men to stand while using the toilet. "Automatic" (pressure-open) trap designs force men to either sit down or use pressure with their knee to keep the trap open while they use the toilet! Not an easy task.

The Envirolet® manual Bowl Trap allows men to open the trap before use and then close when finished.

Be sure to let us know if you have any quesitons and check out the small clip below to see the Trap opening.

Waterless Self-Contained Systems
Waterless Self-Contained Systems

"All-in-One" unit that can go almost anywhere. Ideal for bathrooms that have little or no space below for Remote compost unit such as a basement.

No step-up!

Less than 20" in height to seat, which is lower than most others.

Non-electric, 12v battery, 12v/120v Hybrid or 120v electric.

Opening the Trap

A short video showing the Bowl Trap opening.

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