Composting Basics

Composting is simply nature's method of renewing and preserving itself. In nature, decayed organic material, whether plant or animal, gradually decomposes and becomes either water or enriched soil, very much like your garden compost.

But, the ongoing preservation of our precious lakes, rivers and streams is a problem that both ourselves and our children must accept responsibility for. Most conventional toilet systems such as septic tanks were not developed with the environment in mind, so they are often a major cause of unnecessary pollution.

Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems help nature's proven method by reducing and recycling waste into natural compost, while using little or no water in the process.

Composting is Natural!

What is waste?
Almost 90% of all toilet waste is water, the balance is organic material.

Where does it go?
A large percentage of the water portion of waste is evaporated through a vent to the outside, dramatically reducing the waste, which is then recycled into natural compost.

How does this happen?
The continuous action of aerobic microbes makes this happen. Periodically, a small amount of peat moss (standard, garden variety), and optionally, additional Compost Accelerator is added.

When do you empty it?
As little as once a year using the built-in Rake Bar (the bottom bar on the front of the Envirolet®), the recycled waste is raked down into a collecting tray and a small amount of natural compost is emptied into your garden, completing nature's cycle.

Is "turning" necessary?
Some claim that turning the waste, like in a drum, is necessary. But, this is simply not the case. Click here to read more about why (from The Humanure Handbook, a great composting toilet resource by Joseph Jenkins). Composting is more simple than you thought!

Advanced systems save you money
Envirolet® is in every way the match of any septic tank or conventional toilet system and is vastly superior in an environmental sense. The overall cost of even the most sophisticated Envirolet® is thousands of dollars less.

If you have no power and your needs are light choose our Non-Electric model, that operates with our powerful wind turbine. For all other applications choose an advanced 12v Battery unit or our energy-efficient 120v Electric system (also available in other AC Electric configurations outside of North America). For marine or RV applications our 12v models may be ideal.

The Science & Technology Behind EnviroletŪ
Information About "The Humanure Handbook"
The Science & Technology Behind EnviroletŪ

Designed & engineered around our unique, patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration and evaporation process.

Information About "The Humanure Handbook"

The premiere source for information about the composting and recycling of human waste, i.e., "humanure." Written by Joseph Jenkins.

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