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"I am just writing you, to let you know, how pleased I am, with our Envirolet toilet.

We have had it in use at our cottage for over 10 years and find it still in excellent working order. We have had very good advice and service from Sancor Industries."

Mr. Urech, ON
November 18, 1991

"I am totally pleased with my toilet. A neighbour refers to it as a "sweet little toilet", and it is.

Recently a surge of high voltage power took out my microwave & descrambler along with dozens of electrical & electronic appliances in a twenty mile strip of highway.

My Envirolet came through it with flying colors & no pause in operation."

Ms. Cutler, BC
October 3, 1996

"Our insulating pipe arrived safely! Our Envirolet is working well. We appreciate your service!"

Mr. Boatwright, AZ

March 1991

"I purchased my Electric Envirolet Toilet in August 1980 because it did not require a septic tank or water hook-up. It was simple to install.

The toilet is very neat looking and also very easily cleaned.

During the eleven years it has been in operation at our summer cottage we have experienced very little trouble and I found the company very reliable to deal with."

Mr. Bourne, ON

"Our mobile & modular homes; park models; mobile & commercial trailers must have reliable, sanitary toilet systems. The Envirolet Waterless Systems offer the ideal solution."

Mr. Bedard
General Manager
Norlander Industries Ltd.

June 10, 1991

"Enclosed find a check for the new Envirolet we have ordered via phone."

"As I said over the phone this is our second commode. The first has been put to use every summer, June to September for the last 10 or 12 years: it is still working satisfactorily but the family has grown in volume causing us to need additional equipment. We are very pleased with 'Violet' as it is known on our "island in the sun" and we heartily recommend this product"

Mr. Little, NJ
July 15, 1992

"The unit that we purchased [from] your company is terrific. We are very pleased with its performance. The unit is a very wise investment for all cottages without a septic system.

Once again we are very pleased with the Envirolet Toilet System"

Mr. & Mrs. Uhlig
July 28, 1992

"Thank you for your product. It is great! Due to the fact that I live on a small, low lying island without electricity I cannot use any conventional sewage treatment systems. After hearing a very positive recommendation from a satisfied customer I decided to invest in a basic Envirolet.

For the past two years this system has worked excellently and without any trouble. This year I decided to upgrade my unit to the 12 volt D.C. version which was done quickly, without any trouble, and didnít cost a lot.

Thank you very much for your product. I recommend this product, heartily, to anyone whether they are in my type of situation or if they want an inexpensive, effective, and environmentally friendly sewage treatment system."

Mr. Carter, ON

"I am very impressed with the high quality and performance of Envirolet. Our durable Envirolet continues to work beyond expectation in some of the most severe sub-zero conditions. An excellent product."

Mr. Nagata
Former CSA Director
Laboratory Services
May 19, 1992

"I would like to record our appreciation of your prompt service last week when we called you at about 5pm Friday 15th (your time, and Saturday morning our time) and somebody whose name I did not get was kind enough to fax me immediately the start-up instructions, our copy of which we seemed to have mislaid. So it is now plugged in and is working."

Mr. & Mrs. Surridge, New Zealand
September 12, 1990

"I purchased your D.C. Solar Panel/Envirolet System 2 years ago and to my surprise it did everything you said it would. We have experienced no smell what so ever, and the kids love to use it. The solar panel works great we also use it for lighting the bathroom."

Mr. Rotudo, ON
December 1992

"My daughter gave us a Sancor Envirolet Series 3000 as a Christmas gift - 1990. We have installed [it] in our cottage. We use the cottage in the summer time and in November during hunting season. We enjoy it very much. It does all you said it would. I was amazed at the results. I spoke to a friend who has a place in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. about it. He asked for the literature on it. He intends to buy one for his place in Quebec. I will recommend the Envirolet to anyone. Iím very pleased with the results."

Ms. Bentley, NJ
April 1994

"Please find enclosed a photo of our Envirolet 10/3 which we have installed in a summer cabin. We are very happy with it & it is working as promised."

Mr. Borgensen , WA
April 16, 1997

"Recently I performed an inspection on the fans of my Envirolet. The works-in-a-drawer concept proved to be a simple and easy way to perform this maneuver. This is the feature that initially attracted me to the Envirolet and the one on which I ultimately made my decision between Envirolet and competitors. The previously owned unit required the use of mirrors, dental tools, arm extensions, universal joints and breathing apparatus--none of which I have. Thank you and your design staff."

Mr. Frantz, AR

"Our work trains service some of the longest rail lines in the world. We depend on the reliability of Envirolet toilet Systems."

Mr. Synard
CP Rail
July 8, 1998

"Just a short note thanking you people for your quick response in sending your information and instructions on your toilet, if more companies were like yours this world would be a better place. If your toilet is as efficient as your company I will be a happy man."

Mr. Kelly, ON

"We only recently installed our toilet. It is wonderful! We recommended it to someone who lives on a boat."

Mr. Stewart, VA
June 9, 1992

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