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"We only recently installed our toilet. It is wonderful! We recommended it to someone who lives on a boat."

Mr. Stewart, VA
June 9, 1992

"We await delivery of our new Envirolet, I would like to send a message of appreciation. We are so grateful there is such a unit as an Envirolet.

We have a vacation cabin on a mountain lake. Our property cannot support a septic system because the soil does not perk. Outhouses (especially by a lake) are no longer acceptable. This situation would have rendered our summer cabin unusable - if it werent for [the] discovery years ago of the Envirolet.

Our unit has been serving for fifteen years, eight years at the summer home of the original owner, [a] family of a college professor; and when they had to retire from country vacationing, we secured the unit. Now we have used it an additional seven years.

After 15 years of excellent service, it now deserves replacement. When it showed signs of needed repairs, beyond our ability, we were delighted to find your company still sells the Envirolet."

"We have been so satisfied with the performance of our unit, with its fine service for many years, with its tidiness, and even down to the shape of this Envirolet we have been using. The square, box-like configuration with its convenient height makes it so stable and comfortable for children and elderly alike. They feel secure, and with the additional width of the toilet to place their hands for support they find they can easily raise themselves back to a standing position. Youngsters are eager to use it, elders are grateful.

You have designed a waterless toilet that is so easy to maintain, to operate, to keep clean - even easy to explain to guests before using."

"Our summer cabin, with its fun and socializing, swimming, and boating for [a] great number of family and friends, would be unusable without the Envirolet. Now again we happily open wide the door of hospitality. Thanks to SANCOR and its product."

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley, WA

September 1997

Dear Sancor,

"Per our phone conversation. I have enclosed my order. We are really looking forward to receiving our Envirolet. I have studied composting toilets since 1981 & feel your product is superior to any of the others on the market today."

Mr. Weber, CA

Dear Sancor,

"An incredible product! Our solar powered 12v Waterless Remote System provides carefree, odour-free operation. And cleaning of the bowl has been minimal, about once every four months."

July 31, 1997

"I need some enzyme accelerator for my Envirolet. Please let me know the cost and I will send you a check.

I am very pleased with my Envirolet which is in my weekend cabin. It has worked perfectly."

Ms. Hall, CA
September 17, 1998

"I have had my system for 3 years. I have had excellent results with the systems. The system is very sanitary & easy to maintain. There are no odours. Yours is the only system for my application on a remote island. "

Mr. Browning, Toronto, Ontario

"The system works great."

Mr. Wright, VA
March 18, 1998

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased our family is after installing the Envirolet Waterless Remote Toilet. We initially were afraid but decided to give it a try. It is great!

We use the cabin for about 5-6 months out of the year during the summer. Sometimes we may have a crowd [of] up to 12-15 people but average about 7. The system was easy to install and used immediately. The system is next to our our dock. We have not once had an odor problem. This is great too!!

We are so pleased because we thought wed need a $10,000 system. This certainly has saved us a lot of money. Plus, its what we wanted environmentally.

Ive told a lot of other cabin owners but wanted to especially let you know how pleased we are about the system and your help with questions. Thanks."

P.S. Feel free to use this letter. We believe in it."

Mr. Daughty, WA

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