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The Space Age Enviro-House
A Canadian Envirolet® user emailed us on February 7, 2005 with some excellent pictures of his installation. He has the popular Envirolet® DC12 System (12v Battery) model with a 50W Solar Panel Kit to keep the 12v battery charged. The optional Envirolet® Turbo Fan is installed in the vent line.

"Thanks for your good service and excellent product," our happy customer wrote!

This system was installed in a modern out-building for winter use. This "outhouse" puts the traditional outhouse to shame! It's clean, cool looking, sizable and even has windows! Not to mention it has an advanced, environment-nice, 12v Envirolet® Compost Toilet System in it! You can do the same or, like most do, put the system in the cottage or home! Hopefully the trees will provide some privacy!

A peek inside!

See more pictures of the Space Age Enviro-House.

"I just wanted to send a brief message stating how great your product MS10 and your employees are. I recently purchased your Self-Contained unit MS10 to install in a remote cabin located in the mountains of WV. The system has worked flawlessly and saved me a lot of money by not having to install a septic system in hard ground. Everybody I have shown the toilet to thinks it is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Hopefully more people will find out about this solution, its beneficial both economically and environmentally. Great product." - Royal J. in VA, 01/06/04

"Very friendly and knowledgable about their product. Didn't transfer me on the calls to another representative. Made it seem like I was the most important person they were talking to at that moment." - Robert B. in MO, 12/07/03

"We have had the toilet for two years and is used year round by a family of four and it is working great. Thank you for a great product." - Bernald T. in ME, 11/06/03

"It was very easy to order, choose and use the web site. Product was excellent. Hopefully it lasts as long as the last one: 20 yrs. Thanks again." - Charles M. in IL, 11/12/03

"Very professional and efficient company to do business with. Speedy delivery, hassle free transaction." - Judy S. in NC, 8/30/03

"I would buy from them again. Good communication. Shipped as promised." - Antonette B. in MO, 7/25/03

"We have been dealing with Envirolet for two years now. We have been very pleased with the product and the service." - Janice L. in OH, 4/20/03

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More Customer Letters...

Recent letters from satisfied customers.

F.W., near Houston, TX (Feb. 22, 2001)

"We use the cabin every other weekend and holidays, and have had a wholly satisfactory experience with the product and your company..."

G.D., Tanzania

"Sanitation in the Third World can often be a problem..."

Mr. & Mrs. C., Ontario (Jun. 22, 1993)

"Needless to say, we would recommend this type of toilet system over septic beds or holding tanks..."

Mr. N., Washington

"We bought our Envirolet in 1979 and I think more Envirolet systems should be used to save water and stop pollution."

S.M., Maine, (Aug. 30, 2001)

"...the ordering process,feedback on my questions, and time involved from order to delivery all exceeded my expectations."

Ms. L., Colorado (Feb. 14, 1995)

"We have recommended the Sancor toilet to several of our neighbors..."

J. & K. V.P., California (Sept. 7, 1999)

"We were very impressed with your website and for returning our email promptly."

Mr. B., New Hampshire (Jun. 24, 1997)

"Both times I called for assistance, they were not only polite and helpful but were very quick to respond to my needs."

Mr. M., Ontario (Aug. 23, 1990)

"...for less than 10% of that number we have [a] very slick unit that is odor-free, quiet, and..."

M.P., Georgia (Aug. 11, 1999)

"I just commend the super representatives of your company. These are the type of employees who make a difference."

Envirolet® Photos & Stories
Envirolet® Photos & Stories

Check out some photos of System installations.

More customer testimonials...

More customer testimonials...

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