Can grey water be added to Envirolet®?

No. Grey water (i.e., sink, shower water) cannot be added to Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems. Check ut our new Greywater Solutions.

Things Not To Add To Your Envirolet®Things Not To Add To Your Envirolet®Please read this list of items not to add to your Envirolet®.

Envirolet® Use & CareEnvirolet® Use & CareComplete Info!
This information has been moved to the online Envirolet® Owner's Manual. Please visit this site for complete information about Envirolet® installation, use & care, operation, specifications, safety, troubleshooting, etc.

Typical Blackwater Drain Pit (instructions only)Typical Blackwater Drain Pit (instructions only)General instructions on how to make a typical blackwater drain pit. *Be sure to check your local guidelines.

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