Basement/Garage Installation

If you plan to install an Envirolet® in a basemment or in a garage, you will most likely need to install an Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained System.

Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems (25" W x 33" L x 25" H, 19.75" H to seat) are "all-in-one" units that can fit in most applications. These systems do not have a composting unit below (like Remote Systems), which is usually not possible in typical basement or garage installations.

Which model is best?
Envirolet® Basic Plus (Non-Electric) and Envirolet® DC12 (12VDC) models do have an excess liquid drain that must connect to either a holding tank or small container.

Therefore, the Envirolet® MS10 (120VAC) is often ideal for the basement because it does not require an excess liquid drain.

Envirolet MS10 Composting Toilet (120VAC Electric)
Envirolet MS10 Composting Toilet (120VAC Electric)

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