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Become an® Associate and earn 5% commission on all sales you bring to®. All you have to do is place a link to us!

SANCOR™ manufactures and sells Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems direct to consumers and businesses. The price of Envirolet® Systems range from approximately $1000.00 to $1700.00. That means an® Associate will earn approximately $50.00 to $80.00 per sale that results from a direct link from your page to ours!

Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems have been the ideal solution for homes, cottages, cabins, and businesses since 1977. SANCOR™ also markets a variety of cottage and dock related items. Take a look for yourself.

Commission totals are monitored by Yahoo! Shopping and each® Associate is provided with two unique URL's. The first is to link to® and the second is to view your statistics, which are updated daily. Payments are made quarterly.

SANCOR™ is looking for environmentally oriented or other complimentary web sites to become® Associates. All sites will be reviewed before being accepted. Sites with unrelated content or objectional material will not be accepted.

Please email® at if you would like to become a® Associate or if you are already an associate and have questions. Be sure to include the URL to your site and state that you agree to the terms below. If your site is accepted, you will be emailed the two unique URL's to get started.

* Commission amounts based on listed price and do not include shipping and handling. Prices subject to change.

  • Associates and dealers must be approved in writing by Sancor Industries Ltd.
  • Associates earn 5% commission on all sales (less any chargebacks) that result from a direct link from their page(s) to®.
  • Commission is based on listed price. Shipping and handling is not included in commission totals.
  • Payments to Associates are paid quarterly.
  • Accepted Associates will receive two URL's (one to link to® with and the other to view stats/commission totals).
  • Dealers may not sell directly online.
  • Only appropriate text links and/or banners, graphics, logos, etc. provided by SANCOR™ or approved by SANCOR™ can be used to link to®.
  • Associates may not send unsolicited (spam) email to promote, sell or inform others of®. SANCOR™ does not and does not agree with the selling of names and/or the use of 'spam' email for promotion.
  • SANCOR™ reserves the right to terminate or cancel any Associate or Dealer program at any time.
  • Web sites/pages with objectional material will not be accepted and/or will be terminated immediately by SANCOR™.
  • Approved associates and/or dealers must not use or display any competitive composting or biological toilet brands, trademarks, names, company names, confusingly similar names, products, images, etc. in any form on their web site, meta-tags, titles, descriptions, literature, or any other promotional material.
  • Associates agree that Envirolet®, SANCOR™, iCOMPOST,® and Envirolet.composting toilets are trademarks of Sancor Industries Ltd.

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