Where can Envirolet® be used?

Which system is right for my application?

The great thing about Envirolet® Composting Toilets is that they can be used practically anywhere a toilet is required, except maybe on an airplane!

Envirolet® is not only for cottages and cabins! Look at some of the popular applications for Envirolet®.

Popular Applications:

• Cottages, Cabins, Homes, Chalets, Log Homes

• Outhouses/outbuildings

• Boats
• Trains
• Work Shops
• Barns

Pool Cabanas

• Sky Cranes
• Bridges
• Factories
• Golf Courses
• Portable Buildings

There is even an Envirolet® in a Treehouse (see pictures below)!

Why is Envirolet® used in so many different applications?
Envirolet® Composting Toilets are found in so many different applications because a toilet is always needed wherever people are located.

Why Envirolet®?
The advantage of the Envirolet® is that it can go where a "normal" toilet cannot go. Envirolet® sytems use little or no water and cost thousands less than septic tank systems. Installation is easy, allowing Envirolet® to be installed almost anywhere. Also, there are no on-going costs found with other systems such as the monthly expense of pumping out holding tanks and portable toilets. The only thing necessary to keep your Envirolet® operating is a 1/4 cup per person per day of standard, garden variety peat moss.

Installation Info:

Envirolet® System Installation
Envirolet® System Installation

Envirolet® offers simple, easy to understand, do-it-yourself instructions.

Envirolet® Photos & Stories
Envirolet® Photos & Stories

Check out some photos of System installations.

Help Choosing
Help Choosing

Choosing is simple with Envirolet®! Answer a few questions and we can recommend a system that is best for you.

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