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370 Double (12VDC)

Envirolet FlushSmart VF
The Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ 370 Double features dual 12VDC composting systems and a pedal flush toilet. Choose a dual tank model if you want the maximum performance available from any composting toilet system.

Advantages of the FlushSmart™ VF™ System
• Environment-friendly
• A truly modern toilet in both looks and function
• Uses less water than other flush toilets
• Aerates and pulverizes waste for better, faster composting-action
• Installs where others cannot

Ideal Applications for the FlushSmart™ VF™
Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ can be installed in any application that any other Envirolet® System can be installed. But, there are some applications where only an Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ will work, including:
• Cottage or home installations on rock or with little or no room below
• Basements, Garages, Work Shops, Pool Cabanas, Yurts
• Applications where a smaller toilet is needed or desired

Double Tank Advantages
Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ 370 Double Systems feature two 12VDC composting units to create our highest capacity system. A clever Y-Connection divides the waste entering between composting tanks. The ultra low 0.2L flush, rapid Envirolet® aeration & evaporation ability in each tank and the extra capacity of double tanks reduces the volume of excess liquid drainage from the system.

Double Tanks for Higher Capacity

Drain Discharge
The included toilet comes with an above floor rear drain discharge, i.e., the drain from the toilet that connects to the vacuum generator unit exits the back of the toilet above the floor and not below the floor. If you need to exit the bathroom below the floor or through the side-wall (left or right) you can use the included 90° angled fitting to do so. Please ask if you are not sure how this affects your installation.

Envirolet FlushSmart VF 370 Double
Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ 370

Complete System Includes
• 2 x 12VDC Envirolet® Compost Unit (0.3A minimum, 0.6A maximum)
• 1 x Vacuum Generator
• 1 x Pedal Flush VacuFlush Toilet (White or Bone) with choice of discharge location (A, B or S)
• 1 x 1.5" Y-Connector with Gear Clamps
• 2 x Starter Kit & Daily Mix
• 2 x Compost Accelerator
• 20' Drain Hose, Gear Clamps & Connections
• Pre-Sediment Drain Kit with 5' Nylon Drain Line - Drain must gravity connect to "acceptable drain site." More draining information.
• 2 x Flex Vent (4’ x 4”) & Gear Clamp
• 2 x 4” Wind Turbine Ventilator

Capacity: 16 persons per day (8 x 2 tanks) for vacation use and 12 (6 x 2 tanks) persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.)
Composting Unit Size: 25" W x 33" L x 28.5" H
Toilet to Vacuum Generator Maximum Distance: 50'
Vacuum Generator to Composting Unit Maximum Distance: 20'
Head (Toilet to Vacuum Generator height) Maximum: 6'
Open Power Use Chart

Extra Toilet Kit Option
Learn more about adding an Extra Toilet Kit.

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Envirolet FlushSmart VF 370 Double (12VDC)
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