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Accelerator (16oz)

3 times more concentrated than before! Envirolet® Compost Accelerator is applied to your Envirolet® composting unit once every two weeks with a small amount of warm water.

Helps accelerate the composting process in your system. Take advantage of the quantity discount! Can even be added to your home or backyard composter.

A 16oz jar will last approximately 9-12 months when using 1 tablespoon every 2 weeks with a warm cup of water. Buy more at a time and save!

(New Envirolet® systems come with 1 8oz sample size jar of Envirolet® Compost Accelerator with order.)

Specifications: 1 x 16oz jar

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Envirolet Compost Accelerator (16oz)

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Envirolet Compost Power (500ml / 16.9oz)Envirolet Compost Power (500ml / 16.9oz)ALL-NEW! TRY IT! Envirolet® Compost Power³ accelerates composting, cleans & sanitizes bowl and prevents odor.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Envirolet Compost Power (500ml / 16.9oz)

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